Joachim Stein / Second Degré

Developing Agile Organizations & Digital Products

Grow an agile culture that enables creativity and accountability across your organization.

Culture is not something that can be implemented in a top down manner. It needs the right environment so it can grow. A culture of ownership and accountability is essential in order to move fast and get the most out of the talent in an organization.

Ownership requires transparency – it’s hard to take ownership, if goals and conditions are obscure. People are more likely to take ownership in an environment that welcomes critique, allows failure and celebrates success.

Develop metrics that allow decisions rational decision taking and continuous learning.

Developing (digital) products is a permanent learning process. Ideally you learn with every new iteration of the product. Good KPIs that reflect your organizations goals let you learn.

Decisions based on aligned upon metrics are more transparent and make vertical and horizontal communication in your organization easier.

Often the biggest challenge is to reach alignment.

Find sustainable processes and toolchains that enable you to scale.

Processes are not a means in itself. They must be economic and sustainable. The more autonomy you can afford on all levels, the better.

While tools and frameworks wont make your organization agile, they play an important role.

They can make things more complicated and expensive and limit your freedom. You have to make make or buy decisions, consider risks, vendor lock-ins and take into account what tools people know and like to use.

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